A&A Truckee Tahoe (A&A) is a licensed California Auto Dealer/Wholesaler/Broker/BAR repair station & Copart Registered Broker.
AAAuto.com is a licensed Arizona Auto Dealer.
We have over 30 years in the automotive industry, including rebuilding and selling 100's of
rebuilt salvage vehicles.
We have the expertise (Certified Master Techs) and  experience to provide the best service for our customers.

We welcome the opportunity  to provide a full service program to our customers  in the Copart Reseller Program.

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We are not accepting members with California addresses
Only people that have or can use a Non-California address will be accepted
You should not Bid on any vehicle without  inspecting it first!!!!!You should not Bid on any vehicle without  inspecting it first!!!!!
Inspect it yourself the day before morning of the auction, or hire an inspector from Copart's website  
These vehicles are not guarenteed to pass Smog or Brake & Lamp Inspections & may require repairs at bidder's expense
Learning audio tutorials at (800) 244-7884 and videos on drop down pages
Be aware that A&A is not responsible for the accuracy of any information on Copart's web pages.
If you decide to return & sell your vehicle for a loss, you must contact us
before we re-assign the title, normally 10 days, or we can't help you.
Phone 800-244-7884 or 530-268-5339                                        Email- sumacmt@gmail.com                                   Fax 866-571-9993
A&A Truckee Tahoe
Study                    (V) = video                 
Study information & videos on A&A's drop down menus
minimal study pages & videos should include:

1. Knowledge- Deposit & Fees(V)  
Register- How to Register(V)/ Increasing Bid Limit(V)
3. Bidding- Preliminary(V)/ Virtual(V)/ Vehicle Page(V)
Approval & Mimimum
Post Sale- Vehicle Payment  /  Titles
Register & Log In

1. Under Register click Registration Page
(Registration closed 11am to 1pm daily)
2. Fill out Registration page
3. Choose One Week, One Month, or Six Months
4. Make payment, email driver's license
5. Receive Bidder Number & Password
6. Log into Copart as Member
7. Increase Bid Limit to over $4k if needed.
Bid/Win & Complete Transaction

1. Find vehicle & Place Preliminary or Virtual Live Bid
2. Win auction and/or seller approval
3. Receive emailed invoice & make payment (B of A)
4. Receive emailed paid invoice & pick up vehicle
5. Average 15 days to receive title and paperwork
6. Go to local DMV office for title and regsitration
Start by clicking "Knowledge / Deposit & Fees"
Hours 7-4 Monday thru Friday
Closed on Weekends
You should not bid on any vehicle without inspecting it first !
We will be on
limited working
hours Sept. 20 to
Oct 20, 2015
returning messages
minimum twice
daily Email is
primary contact
We will be on a part
time schedule from
Sept. 20 to
Oct.30,2015. Please
find another broker
if you cannot work
with this schedule.
We will be on
limited working
hours Sept. 20 to
30, 2015
returning messages
minimum twice
daily Email is
primary contact