A&A Truckee Tahoe
Max $600
Debit/Credit cards
For deposit Increase
& Fee Payment
Not for registration
or vehicle payment
Phone 800-244-7884 or 530-268-5339                   Email-  sumacmt@gmail.com                                                    Fax 866-571-9993
Debit/Credit cards
For deposit Increase
& Fee Payment
Not for registration
or vehicle payment
A&A's preferred communication is by email. Normal phone hours are weekdays 7am to 2 pm PST. After hours and weekend emails will be answered at A&A's convenience.                       
    Deposit & Fees

Deposit & Fees
Your refundable deposit represents 10% of your maximum bid limit.
The initial default minimum deposit is $400 which gives you a one                                                                        
vehicle count and a $4000 bid limit. You must have a minimum of $400
in your account or the account is immediately & permanently closed.
Your membership is not prorated and cannot be renewed. You will have
to register again. When you win a vehicle and pay the
full amount,
then your money and vehicle count are freed up to bid on more cars.
If you apply your full deposit to the vehicle payment, your account is
immediately & permanently closed.
To be the high bidder (Preliminary Bidding) or win more than one vehicle
at the same time, you must have a minimum $400 per vehicle.
Example- 2 vehicle count= minimum $800 deposit,
3 vehicle count= minimum $1200 deposit.

When you win a vehicle, we will email you an invoice that will give you
the option to apply your deposit toward the cost of the vehicle
(and close your account immediately & permanently)
or pay the full amount and keep your account open to bid on more
vehicles. Vehicle payments are done by cash payment (preferred),
or wire transfer.
We do not do transporting.
If you want the title sent to your exporter/transporter you must notify us within two days of winning vehicle,
  or the title will be sent to your registered address.

Exporters must pick up and store vehicle for about 2 weeks until title is sent to Transporter.
No credit cards for vehicle payments (registration only, no AMX).
Your Deposit and the Copart's / A&A's Relist Fees-
The only way to lose your deposit is to win a vehicle and not pay for it within the time specified by the Copart facility where the vehicle
was sold, normally about 5-11 days after winning the bid.  
Everyone bidding on Copart is subject to this rule,
even if you make a mistake bidding. (ie bid/win the wrong car). You should record the actual bidding if you want to protect
yourself (screen recorders- http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/win-screen-recording-softwares/), otherwise the results will default to
Copart's bid log. Preliminary bidding does not have this potential problem although you can take a screenshot of the page.
When this happens the Copart Relist Fee & A&A's $225 Transaction Fee must be paid. Copart's relist fee is the greater of the
minimum $400 or 10% of the bid, and both fees will be taken out of the bidder's deposit. Minimum is $625.

There is also a $50 Copart late payment fee along with A&A's $50 late payment/document fee. The vehicle must be paid
within 2(two) business days of winning vehicle. Copart also has storage fees of $20 per day. Copart gives 2 free days of storage on a
winning Preliminary Bids, and 5 free days of storage on a winning Virtual Live Auction bids.

You may request a deposit refund (closing your account) by sending an email to A&A requesting your deposit refund. You
should include your bidder number in the email. You may request a refund at any time unless you have open bids, unpaid vehicles
or storage fees due. A&A will send your refund by company check and regular USPS mail. We will send the checks out
within two business days from the request. Your deposit does not include Registration Fees.
Overseas bidders should have Paypal.

Increasing Your Bid Limit (no AMX)
For information on increasing your bid limit go to the dropdown menu "Register / Increasing Bid Limit".
Maximim deposit with a credit card is $1000 for one month program and $1600 for the six month program. Permission to go higher must be
granted from A&A and you will be subject to a 5% Convienence Fee. You may go higher with a bank cash deposit (no fee)
or wire transfer (bank fees/$15).

Fees (no AMX)
Fees are not refundable. For registration, A&A has a $0 one week registration fee (cannot use a credit card---cash or wire only)
a $50 one month registration fee (credit card ok), and a $150 six month registration fee (credit card ok). A&A also has a flat $225 transaction fee.
This fee is only paid when you win a vehicle. It is charged for each vehicle won. We do not allow bidding in yards located in  
Ohio, Michigan, Alabama,
Wisconsin, Florida, or Washington state. Also
We will email you an invoice when you win a vehicle. Payment information is included on the invoice for cash payment at Bank of America
or wire transfers.

A&A charges $150 to run/sell vehicles back through Copart's CDS program, plus Copart charges are about $135.
We collect Copart's fees which will be found on your emailed invoice. Copart has a $30 gate fee, a $75 internet fee and a $20-$390 (approximately)
(below $17.5k/ 2% above $17.5) bidder fee. As of 3-12-2012 Copart has increased bidder fees with about one third of it's yards.
Exact details of Coparts fees can also be found Copart's website or you can click below on "Copart Fees".

Bank of America
134 S Church Street
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(530) 477-5404

AAAuto.com Operating
Lawrence D. Hall
Account Number- 000845268788
Routing Number for Cash Deposits or Bank Transfers- 121000358
Routing Number for Wire Transfers only- 026009593 ($15 Fee)
Swift Code-  BOFAUS3N
Please email or call us when making payment so we can apply it to your account.
Debit/Credit cards
For Deposit Increase
& Fee Payment
Not for registration
or vehicle payment
Max $600 per transaction
Click above for full screen
Add A&A's $255 for total invoice estimate.
Cannot Use Credit Card on One Week Membership
One Month Membership- $1000 credit card deposit limit
Six Month Membership $1600 credit card limit
Higher limits on approval &
charged 5% Convenience Fee
Unlimited amount with Wire or Bank America cash deposit
Deposit- Min $400. Refundable if no open bids/storage due. Deposit= 10% Max Bid Limit.
Increasing deposit increases bid limit- see "Register/Increasing Bid Limit"
Deposit forfeited to Copart if vehicle won and not paid. Relist fee + $225 AA fee.
A&A Fees- Non-Refundable Membership- $0/One Week, $50 One Month, $150 Six Month
Transaction- $225 flat fee & (CA only)   Relist Fee- $225
Document Fees- $45 CA / $30 non CA
NEW- Copart Broker Fee $25 (we are splitting the new Copart $50 fee)
Copart Fees- Bidder Fee $25-$700 (2% over $35k) See "Copart Buyer Fees" button below
Internet Fee- $0-$79  /  Haz Mat- $10   
Gate Fee- $30           /  Mailing Fee-  $10
Late Payment Fee- $50 (+ 2  business days after winning)               
Storage Fee- $20 a day (+ 2-5 days after winning, including weekends even if closed)
Relist Fee- Greater of minimum $400 or 10% of bid + $225
Wire Fee- $15